My name is Jewels. I am a daughter of the King Jesus, a mommy, artist, health coach, fitness going, health pursuing, girl who loves learning and pursuing the joy and freedom in life! I am thankful to the Lord for each day given to me and pray I can share my love of HEALTH, LEARNING, and LIVING a UNCHAINED life with you! 
My personal health journey and testimony is a process of the Lord gently and graciously teaching me to be free and confident in Him. Remembering that NO other god is before Him and NOTHING satisfies and brings true JOY and growth like Him! He (God) is the reason I am! For too long I believed the lies about what I should look like and sought that approval through some healthy and some unhealthy means. God is so amazing and has directed and taught me to care for my body and soul in a way that changed my obsession from image and identity driven to intimacy and freedom driven. It's a daily surrender to Him and a commitment to work to be UNCHAINED and free in Him!

I want to live without feeling bound! I want to live UNCHAINED! My identify was lost because I was driven by a false image(s) that the world (adds, TV, media) said I had to be. It was not until I realized that freedom and health from such lies only happened when I was becoming more intimate with Him. More time reading the Bible, praying, being mentored, caring for myself and my body, and being free. As God began to heal my soul and rebuild me He also taught me the importance of caring for my body in a way that brought life, rebuilding, freedom, and victory. Not in a legalistic and binding way, but in a way that is free, UNCHAINED, and healthy to the body and the soul! It's a process, it's a journey, but it's taking a step daily toward health, toward freedom! 

The passion the Lord has given me for healthy living is less about "looking great" and more about "feeling great!" It's about living and eating free, UNCHAINED, and with His help. It's about caring for both my body and soul. Nourishing both is crucial and deserves our effort, time, and commitment.  It is my desire to encourage and support others, you, in that journey for total health and freedom. Not just to look good, but to feel good! 

I pray that this site is an encouragement as you walk through life. For one thing I know....
there is JOY in being UNCHAINED! 

Feel free to contact me at unchainedhealth@yahoo.com