Sunday, February 1, 2015

True Love Juice

2 Beats
5 Carrots
2 Apples
1 Lemon 

Happy February to you all! The month of love! Lately I have been praying and asking God to allow me to fill His unending love. It is amazing how he answers prayer. While all of us have a God shaped hole in our hearts it is at this deepest level that only God can satisfy that deep deep desire for love and intimacy.  We all have things and people in our life that we love dearly and deeply, but all of those and all the wealth health fame and other beautiful things in life can never ever truly fulfill us the way that God does! It's amazing to me how he sacrificially gave all so that we would have a chance to choose Him and let Him fill that deep longing. This month I want to challenge you to start your day in Gods word. Even if it's a verse in the morning and taking time to meditate on it, and ask the Lord to deepen your love relationship with Him. Watch out because He is so good and loving and can't wait to lavish His love! Lately as I have prayed this the Lord has reminded me of His pursuing, protective, provision, defending, gracious, kind, gentle,  compassionate, patient, and unconditional love! Wow! It has been humbling, but I am love in all and so grateful for his sacrifice that I might be redeemed, restore, set free, and love! If you desire to know His love and do not know where to start I would love to talk to you email me praying that this month focuses on the love you feel and know the deep LoVE of the Father!

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