Thursday, January 15, 2015

The gift of moving

Remember it's a gift to move! Don't leave it unwrapped and wasted! Be thankful for it and use it!
Sometimes when you have to stop working out (for whatever reason) like I did this week to take care of sick kids it's hard to get going again. BUT… I just got a reminder today to be thankful for the gift of movement, and to get up and go. Results come from work not from excuses! A heart of thankfulness produces a heart of movement! 

Do you ever go somewhere and the Lord teaches you a lesson in the time you were there? 

That was me today! 

I remember in college after having knee surgery and thinking my soccer career and season were over, that I would never recover, feeling sorry for myself, and totally discouraged God whispered something so clear to me as I was walking across campus one day. 

I was consumed in all my self pity as I passed a woman in a wheelchair who did not have the ability to move again. The Lord quickly, gently,  and in that still small voice said, "Be thankful you still have the ability to recover and move again." Wow! That will shake the self pity right out of Ya!

This morning I received a similar reminder. When I went to the gym I was feeling a little off track and discouraged from not being able to be there last few days. It took me a little to get motivated and go, as I walked toward the cycle room this morning a man sat in his wheelchair with a neck brace and some type of brace that looked permanent on his leg. I was in awe that he was even at the gym and was trying to just do as much as he could. I was quickly humbled and that same familiar voice spoke, "To be thankful that I have the ability to move!" 

Sometimes we don't see moving as a gift, but it truly is. I don't want to take it for granted that I have the ability to get out and move: I want to get up, be thankful, move, rejoice in another day no matter how hard it is, and I want to choose to rejoice in the Lord using my gift. 

So although my legs felt a little weak on the bike this morning, I choose to be thankful I had legs to move and the ability to get up and go!

Remember it's a gift to move! Don't leave it unwrapped and wasted. Be thankful you have that gift and use it!

How are you using that gift today?

Thank you Jesus for the gift to move!

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