Friday, January 16, 2015

Healthy Snacks: Dates

Into week 2 of the unchained health 100 day challenge. Are these baby bananas the cutest!?🍌💚🍌💚🌽💚 Also loving dates and excited to crack open this coconut 😊!
These all me for quick healthy snacks if you're in a pinch! Just be careful not to eat too many dates:)! 

Few facts about dates... 
~are fresh and delicious if you buy them with the seeds in. It makes a big difference
~great for digestive aid 
~reduce risk colon cancer
~helps maintain healthy eyes
~helps fight anemia 
~great source of 
~rich in Magnesium, calcium, and iron

They make a great healthy treat. You can even freeze them or make a smoothie with them for a cold treat! 

Choose healthy today

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