Sunday, January 18, 2015

Glowing Green OJ

Having a nutritious breakfast is so important! If you're like me it's easy to skip out on breakfast because of the busyness the morning can bring, but that is the worst thing that we can do for our bodies! Breakfast is so important and starts the metabolism, boosts energy, and strength for the day.

Juice and smoothies has been a great, farley quick, and beneficial breakfast for me. It makes all the difference!

This morning was an amazing drink I have to share! This Glowing Green Orange Juice is soooooo delicious and it's packed with Protein, Vitamin C, victim an A, Iron and much more! Add a bowl of fresh fruit with lime squeezed on top. 
Glowing Green OJ: 
5-6 oranges
5-7 leafs of dinosaur kale
3-4 handfuls spinach 
1/4 bunch of fresh parsley
2 celery sticks 
1-1/2 large cucumber 

This made enough for me and my littles. About 1quart

Hope you enjoy! 

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