Tuesday, January 27, 2015

100 Day Unchained Health challenge: Week 3 Summary

We just ended week 3 and are on our second day of week 4 of the Unchained 100 day challenge. These ladies and gents have been rocking this challenge. For details on the challenge click here.  To join us email me and join in the challenge! 
We are already seeing some amazing results! Check out a few summaries and results from a few the challengers!

C-has lost 6 lbs and is feeling great....
This fast has been great. I feel great and I'm already seeing changes in my body. Taking part in my fast has been a great experience so far... Not only has it been an example to those around me about self control, it's also been a great opportunity to lift up my prayers for others in some of their areas of need... It's allowing me to feel that closeness with God. And then to top it off, I've discovered all these new recipes and foods that I can have, that are delicious and yet are healthy for me!!! Jewels has been a great encouragement. And I love the support given in each day- it really keeps me motivated.

L- Has lost 12lbs and is feeling lots of energy. Her summary is this...
During the first couple weeks of the Raw Challenge I felt really good. I really liked the fact that I was not only eating clean, but really fueling my body as it should be fueled. I was so amazed at the will power God gave me even during a time of celebration as my younger brother graduated college. He truly does sustain in ALL things. I am finally now starting to switch up my food choices, which has been SO nice. There are so many great choices and healthy alternatives to the standard american diet. I am loving this challenge and sure once it's over I may have a few things here and there but this is my lifestyle now and I am LOVING it. 

C-has lost 10lbs and is feeling such change

I don't know how you do it jewels! You have completely and totally inspired me! This challenge came at the perfect time!!!  Thank you so much for all you do! You are such a woman of God and its been a blessing to be able to look up to women like you and Carolyn!!

Jewels-Has maintained weight while increasing needed healthy plant calories, gained more energy and is feeling better. After a really difficult season personally I was at a unhealthy state and was not eating much. This 100 day Raw challenge has been so good for me. It has forced me to eat and eat lots of plants. I can feel the strength coming back to my body, mind, and the Lord continues to strengthen my soul through the other challengers, mentors, friends, and His word! He is so good! It is a bit of a challenge to alter my thinking from weightloss to just health. Overall this has challenged me and is teaching me that boosting metabolism will take time and health returns slowly, but it will return if I remain consistent and trust the process. Isn't that just like our walk with God. Trusting Him... even when we don't see it.

Many times trusting the process can be difficult. We want results now. Remember, it took time to get to the unhealthy state you are in, whether you are too thin from a eating disorder, stress, or depriving your body of nutrients by restricting too many calories, or you are overeating and gaining unhealthy weight on foods that don't supply life. Whichever camp you are in trust that making the switch to eating more (living/plant food) is going to bring true health to your body, mind, and soul.

We have called this a challenge/fast because we want to eliminate the crap and make room for the living food, for community and accountability, for the Lord, for healing, for health, and for life. If you want to join in feel free to email me. unchainedhealth@yahoo.com

So blessed to be on this journey with all of you!

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