Monday, December 8, 2014

One a Day December 2014

Okay so for the remaining for December and to get a slow and gradual start to encouraging great heath through in 2015,  I want to put a health challenge out to all of you! It's easy to get bombarded with unhealthy foods during this time of year. However,  when you start your day off with a fresh Juice or Smoothie (or a Jumoothie(as I like to call them) a combo of both, you increase your odds of making healthier choices, staying committed to your goals, and preventing illness.

So this challenge is a simple one...
1. Each morning drink 1 FRESH Juice or Smoothie 8 oz or more
2. Use the hashtags #oneadaydecember14 for Instagram and share your recipe and health motivation

Feel free to follow along on the blog

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