Thursday, May 8, 2014

P2X: Week 2

GOOD MORING ALL! You have made it to your 2nd week of the P2X challenge! WAY TO GO!
You are in it and should be feeling the great benefits of the changes! The difference you are making is greatly improving  your body, mind, and soul! I am proud of you all!  

Focus of the Week:
Keep going and don't give up! 

Dust yourself off and try again!
It's about being UNCHAINED!

Tip of the Day: 
Because God designed us to obtain energy and strength from food, we have to eat to function! So we must learn to Eat to LIVE, not live to Eat. It's important to make sure you are getting enough to live and function on. DON'T starve yourself. Anytime your hungry between breakfast and dinner grab a smoothie or fresh juice and or snack on plant based foods. Too many times when we challenge ourselves with food we deprive ourselves of nutrients. That is not the case for this challenge. P2X is about challenging ourselves to maximize our plant intake and eliminate the foods that don't help our bodies function at top performance. Top Performance comes from proper nutrition and focus which you will obtain as you commit to drinking/eating those life giving plant foods each time your hungry. 

Recipe of the Day:

The Green Machine Smoothie
* 4 large handfuls of spinach
* 1 cucumber 
* 2 oranges
* 1/4 banana
*1 tablespoon of V-C powder
*Hemp Seeds (sprinkled ontop) 
You may here me say….Hemp and Chia seeds are to smoothies what sprinkles are to ice-cream. 
And I mean that! They really are delicious and add an amazing texture to your smoothie or juice. 

Start off strong and know that every meal is a victory toward health and freedom! It's not bondage, it's not hard, it's fun, life giving, and freeing! I love a quote from a health documentary that said, "It's not that I can't have that processed food, I can, it's that I don't WANT it!"  Isn't that so freeing?!

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 Have a blessed day! Can't wait to hear how your first day was! Lovs! 

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