Thursday, May 8, 2014

P2X: Feature Friend 2

GOOD MORING ALL! It is day 7! Can you believe it! One week down and only one more to go! Way to go! How have your last two days been? I am sure you are feeling some amazing results by now!

When we started I mentioned wanting to highlight a participant of P2X. You will be so inspired to meet Alicia and here from her. I have asked her a series of questions that she answers with wisdom. She also shares a recipe that you have to check out and try! Hope you enjoy this read and please email me if you would be interested in being featured during P2X. 

Meet Alicia. 
Alicia has adopted a healthy life style for the past year and has lost a total of 20 lbs. When asked what the biggest differences she has found in healthy eating she says, "Overall I felt better and had more energy. Coffee became more of a treat instead of a need. My self control in other areas of life increased as well. I learned how to meal prep and spent a lot of time coming up with creative recipes. But I just moved better-

I am so excited for this challenge because I usually only do one smoothie a day... or every other day... because I can get busy or lazy. The additional meal as a smoothie will drastically up my vegetable intake and I'm looking forward to seeing an increase in fiber and minerals in general! My cells are ready to be nourished!

The more plant-based food I eat, the faster I run. I don't get bloated and nauseas (like when I eat processed foods). I also find that my skin clears up and my mood is more consistent and stable

Even though many people shy away from cheese, one of my favorite snacks is one of the mini baybel cheeses with matsa. Random, I know. 
One of my favorite healthy desserts in hot milk, unsweatened cocoa and a few drops of stevia. Chocolate milk. no sugar calories. Amazing.  You can also do the same thing and add coffee for a little extra kick!
I'm not sure what my favorite recipe is- but I wanted to incorporate ginger into my diet so I mixed up this recipe and loved it! 

*1/3 of a cucumber
*1 apple
* 1 cup of OJ
*1 tbs of ginger
*As much spinach as you can fit
*1 cup of greek yogurt

One thing I would share is that life is so beautiful, precious and short. If eating healthy adds quality years that can be shared with loved ones- why not!? Plus any extra energy, confidence, and self control can't be a bad thing :)  

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