Saturday, May 31, 2014

I share; YOU share!

Hey there! Hope your weekend is going well! I have to take a few minutes to share with you a video, a App, and a biblical/prayer perspective that may change your life, or a loved one's live for the better of health. 

You may remember a 10 Day Juice fast that I did a while back. You can click here to re-visit or click on Cleanse under the labels section on the right side of the blog. 

Juice fasting is a wonderful and amazing way to improve your health. It is the God given "Life" foods that allow your body to do what God has made it do. If you are facing any aches and pains, illness, weight gain, or other harmful deceases, or you just want a good detox, I would highy recommend using one of the Jason Vale Apps. HOWEVER, for me it's vital to also include the Lord and drawing on His strength through it. It's amazing how a Juice fast can also be a spiritual renewal and awakening as well. What I mean by that is that it's just a perfect time to be committed to prayer and praise. It is by His strength and joy that there is freedom even from the daily routine of "eating." You can read more about how I choose a prayer focus during my juice fast HERE. 

With that said...There is link to a VIDEO available only this WEEKEND so please check it out. I share with you; so YOU can share with others!  All you have to do is put in your email an your country. Simple! Worth it! 

Here are a few of Jason Vale Apps that I recommend as well as his 28 day fast. But keep reading for some reason why I recommend using a plan like these...

I have recently purchased the Jason Vale App (I bought the 28 day one) for a juice fast, and I want to share a few things I love about it so far.

1. Ya'll know that I did a Juice fast a while back and the difference I feel is unreal. While I may be mentally more prepared for this one because I have been through it once and know what to expect, I can see the benefit in following a specific studies and intentional plan for each juice you consume . This time I feel more satisfied, I know that the combination of the ingredients have a specific health benefit and are balanced to prevent blood sugar spikes/drops.

2. The shopping list, videos, and tips are all well thought out and planned in order to make the Juicing successful and easier then doing it on your own.

3. It's fun to experiment with new juice recipes and combinations

4. I have been able to juice certain foods, like ginger, because of the combinations and how well it is hidden. I could not do that before; I hated ginger, but now I actually know that a little goes a long way and it can be masked with other yummy veggies and fruits.

This video and these apps are really worth watching and worth your health. Start small. Do a 5 day fast, then do the 7 day a little later, and then 10, and then maybe try a 28 day.

However,  remember that you should consult your doctor before with your plan and explain the why behind it. Have them monitor your levels and numbers, and if your on any medication see if after the fast it doesn't improve your levels and numbers and be able to ween yourself off the meds and onto LIVE food that will bring health to your body!

In closing let me say that I don't live perfectly or eat perfectly all the time. I am a work in progress, striving to put more "LIVE" food into my body on a daily basis, praying for the ability to make wiser choices, and daily striving to be unchained to food or anything else for that matter.

For me it's about living FREE! That is my aim, my goal, my prayer! I pray the same for you!

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