Friday, April 25, 2014

P2X challenge

Summer is right around the corner and it's a great time to have a health challenge. So for the month of June Unchained Health wants to encourage all of you to take the P2X challenge.  I know we can do it and it will be a great motivation and jump into this summer. We want to feel confident and free and proud of who we are. Most importantly free to live Unchained and appreciate the people God made us to be. So keep reading and come check it out; you will love it!
Starting May 1 we will embark on a Plant Based Challenge with 2 x's the benefits and focus!

the P- in P2X challenge will represent the "Plant Food" focus we will take each day.
the 2- in P2X represents the 2 weeks we will conduct this challenge
the X- in P2X represents the extreme focus and the eXtra challenge (if desired to take it:)

SAMPLE of the DAILY breakdown:
A plant based Smoothie or fresh juice (not from concentrate and if your buying it, cold pressed is best)

Smoothie or Juice
Fresh Salad or Plant based side

Anytime your hungry or need a snack have more juice or smoothie

Have a regular dinner as long as it is real food and has a healthy focus avoiding the X'ed foods listed below.

X'ed Foods:
During this two weeks we will X out these foods, meaning we will not allow them in to our bodies.
* Processed foods
* Fried food
* No refined Sugar

This challenge consist of getting loads of PLANT food into your body 2x's a day, for 2 weeks. P2X is a way to empower you to eat more GOD created LIFE giving foods, help your body detox, and to function at top performance. It is up to you which two meals to eat "Plant based smoothies or juices," but for two out of the three meals of the day we will consist of smoothie/juice and a small side, and then one "normal-real food" meal.  Your focus will be on food that is made by God and not in a lab.

However, the passion behind this blog is to have UNCHAINED HEALTH!  To live and be healthy, but be free! So, know that this is to promote health, not to make you feel guilty or obligated. This challenge is to encourage and spur us on toward health and wholeness through accountability and connecting. It's fun, it's a challenge, and it's detoxing for body, mind, and spirit! I hope you will join in!

Connecting & Accountability
Comments: Follow the blog and sign up in the comment section below on this post to join in. The comment section will provide feedback, encouragement, and accountability during these two weeks.  Each week I will place a new post with the focus of the week and you will be able to use the comment section for that week to encourage others, leave tips, and share any insight.  It will be our way of communicating without a forum:). So click "comment" and let's get started:).

Share: Each week we will have a focus and share a recipe. I would love to have you email me any recipes that you try that you would like to share with others via the blog.  I also would love to highlight one person from the challenge each week who is playing along. This person will share there tips, tricks, and any insight they have gained from P2X.  Come sign up below and tell us you're taking the P2X challenge with me and the others. It will be fun and it will be great to have accountability! Let's do this!

Feel free to add the P2 X challenge to your blog or email the link and information to friends. The more the better! At the end of this challenge May 15th I will post an opportunity for a reward/prize for all your hard work! So let's get to it!

Don't forget… 
to sign in and introduce yourself in the comment section below on this post!
to click FOLLOW on the right side of the blog to get all the updates
to share this with other
to comment and help create conversation
to check in weekly
to use some of the recipes on this blog for SMOOTHIES, JUICES, and PLANT BASED FOOD
your a beautiful son/daughter of the King
It's about being healthy and living UNCHAINED!

Let's P2X!

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