Sunday, March 16, 2014

T25: Week 2


YES! WEEK 2 is done! 
What I am loving about this workout is it's so doable with a busy schedule! We can all fit 25 mins in; right? Plus, if you have time to add more you can, and it's nice to change it up! 

Day 1: Cardio
The cardio workout was so so good this week. I really enjoyed the intensity for 25 mins of cardio

Day 2: Total Body Circuit
I really enjoyed this workout and loved that it targeted your total body! It definitely made me feel stronger, and I enjoyed the change in exercises! 

Day 3: Speed 1.0
 This was a good workout and I felt like I got a great sweat. I did not feel sore or too tired after.  

Day 4: Cardio
Adding another cardio this week felt great! I enjoy cardio workouts and always feel like I have accomplished a lot after I am done. 

Day 4: AB Intervals
This is a great workout for your core and abs! I plan to use this even after I complete the T25 series! It allows a focused and effective (well at least it feels effective) ab and core workout. However, on the more active side of me this would be a great day to add in some extra cardio. 

These two workouts worked well together. Although I will say that this was easier for me then combining Cardio and Ab videos like last week 

Day 6: Rest
played soccer but did rest from T25

Day 7: Stretch
Just what I needed after a long week of workout. The stretching is specific and strengthening! I would also use this video in the future for before or after a workout stretching. Great end to the week! 

This week felt great and I am still enthusiastic about the workout and look forward to doing it each day. It is a perfect fit into my crazy schedule right now. Although at times I feel I should do more,  I am choosing to live free; unchained to bondage that it's not enough, and focusing on being thankful for the ability to move!  Remembering that regardless...I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Psalm 139

The beauty of fitness is enjoying it the way God deigned our bodies to;  healthy strong, focused, and free! 

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