Sunday, March 9, 2014

T25: Week 1

YES! WEEK 1 is done! 
I don't say that because I did not enjoy the workout, because I did, but because it always feels good to do something consistently! I want to share my review of T25 for week 1. 

Day 1: Cardio

Day 2: Speed 1.0
 This was a good workout and I felt like I got a great sweat. I did not feel sore or too tired after. However, this day I began to question if these shorter (25 min) workouts (which are ideal for my crazy mommy world) can really give me the results that Insanity (the 45-60 min) workouts did. I began to think I might need to add in some extra weight lifting, so I am trying to work that in with my hubby 2 x's a week when possible. So far it's been doable :). Because I have been a active person for many years I felt this was safe and beneficial for me. Please know that if T25 is plenty for you and fits your schedule; do what is best for you! Do what keeps you free and strong, both spiritually and physically!

Day 3: Total Body Circuit
I really enjoyed this workout and loved that it targeted your total body! It definitely made me feel stronger, and I enjoyed the change in exercises! 

Day 4: AB Intervals
This is a great workout for your core and abs! I plan to use this even after I complete the T25 series! It allows a focused and effective (well at least it feels effective) ab and core workout. However, on the more active side of me this would be a great day to add in some extra cardio. 

These two workouts were AWESOME together! I was extremely tired and fatigued due to little sleep from my sweet ones and typical female business, but I pushed myself to do it! I was so thankful I did!  I t was the best workout of the week, and I felt so much better after! 

Day 6: Rest
I felt sore today! I know I might be crazy, but I can't be alone when I say I love the feeling of being sore after a good workout! It confirms I worked hard and my body is working for me! 
Isn't God amazing how He designed our bodies to work! 

Day 7: Stretch
Just what I needed after feeling sore. The stretching is specific and strengthening! I would also use this video in the future for before or after a workout stretching. Great end to the week! 

Although day two had me skeptical that I would get a good workout,  God showed me that having a 25 minute workout gets me motivated and moving! That's victory! For me, in all the busyness of  trying to have time with Jesus, my husband, children, friends, etc. On top of  cleaning and laundry, cooking, and shofering,  and all my responsibilities I can begin to get consumed in the bondage that I have to workout, or overwhelmed by my schedule and not do it at all. It's a daily surrender just like all areas of life, but God is teaching me even through this little workout series that I can be unchained and free to enjoy a workout and still have balance! T25 gives me the ability to convince myself that I have time for a 25 minute workout without overcommitting myself and missing out on important time with my God or my kids! So It's great!

 It's a great motivator and I am loving having it!
 I am living free; unchained to bondage that it's not enough, and free to add in a little more if and when I can! All the while knowing that I am blessed to be able to move and care for this temple of the Lord. Also reminding myself that no matter what...I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Psalm 139

The beauty of fitness is enjoying it the way God deigned our bodies to; strong, focused, and free! 

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