Thursday, March 20, 2014

Juice Fast: Reloading

Reloading up on veggies for the next few days of Juicing.
This was the next group of vegetables that I purchased from the store to juice. I have to say that going to the produce section was strangely invigorating! It as like I was so excited to go look at my options of "food" Juice and look forward to drinking it down. I was loving it, and couldn't wait to make some more juice combinations. My trip totaled $17.56. I didn't think that was bad considering I got a 5.00 Kambuchu drink and the veggies are organic. I figure if I am going to juice I want to make sure there are no chemicals or GMO's in the food that is going straight into my system. The whole point is to detox and cleanse; right!

Well, I am thankful for the find of this great produce. Now it's time to juice it up! 

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