Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 8: Juice Fast

BREAKFAST: This morning I had the watermelon spinach splash for breakfast! It is so refreshing to wake up and drink this in the morning. I am loving it!
LUNCH & DINNER : Yesterday I made some more juice, 
and created Green Bean Dream. 
 I have to say that I loved this juice!
Snack: 3 cups of each juice from breakfast and lunch. 

How I'm feeling: Today I'm feeling good and enjoying another day of juicing! Although I feel great, and I am not craving food, I did feel really low on energy today when I did my workout. I think it might just be that the workout is too intense for a juice fast time period. I would definitely recommend doing something low impact like walking, yoga, or other nonweightbearing activities.
Overall today is going really well.

Prayer focus today:
For my husband
My dad's health and healing
Health class and safe flight
Close friends

Motivation today:
Preparing for health speaking conference
The beauty in the sunshine today! 

And the end of day 8 is complete. Crazy, because I am starting to feel sad about this being over. It's like I would like to continue it longer, but I know I can't survive on Juice alone…. or could I;)! Seriously, God is teaching me so much and I feel blessed to have had this time to clean by body and focus my heart and soul! 

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