Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 7:

DAY 7 Ya'll! YEA! Each day is like another little reward! I am feeling blessed by this fast! 

Breakfast: Today I started with lemon water and then had the Watermelon Spinach Splash Juice.
Lunch: For lunch I choose to up the veggie intake with Mean Green+ Carrots 
Dinner: Was a Zucchini Carrot Combo

How I am feeling:
This morning I am feeling pretty great after not sleeping like I should. I felt excited about another day of fasting. We had church today and guess what the pastor spoke about? Any guesses? 
It's amazing to me how God meets you right where your at! It was so motivating and I am so thankful! We had a birthday party after church, so I was a little bit tired by the end, but when I got home I replenished and felt so much better! Overall, still feeling good! 

Quick Notes:
* Need to drink more water even when I am busy
* Drinking Juice and praying anytime I feel hungry helps so much
* I am feeling more energy and less headaches
* Bowel movement today
* T25 didn't feel as strong today; tired, but I worked out at night instead of my usual morning routine
* Cottonmouth today near the afternoon; need more water and juice! I got busy and didn't drink as much as I should have. Now I am catching up! :) 

Prayer focus today: 
My Kidos
Renew my Mind Oh Lord
Motivation Today:
* The message at church today!
* Focusing on people vs food at the party
* Feeling great and energized

I am in awe of the way God meets us right where we are at! Today I felt Him speak to me and meet me in my day! My perspective is changing, and I am starting to re-evaluate some small changes I want to make. Re-train my brain!  Thankful for day 7 and all God is teaching me through this fast! 

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