Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 6: Juice Cleanse

This morning is day 6!!!! I can't believe it! I actually woke up feeling great! I had a lot of energy, and I even went to bed at 11:30 PM last night.

Breakfast:After having cottonmouth and exercising last night, I wanted to wake up and have something refreshing and hydrating. So I made this juice; it was absolutely delicious, refreshing and full of hydration!
1 small Watermelon 
5 large handfuls of Spinach 
1 Lemon

Lunch: Today I went to a training with a fitness friend and afterwords across the street I found this little jewel of a juice shop! I am so excited to see more healthy living in Texas! This juice junkie had a variety of fresh coldpressed organic juices to choose from. It was a great fine and I am so thankful that God allowed me to check it out!
The Juice I choose:
Rainbow chard
Sea salt
Dinner: For dinner I had Mean Green & Carrot Mix: See Recipe Here

How I am feeling:
This morning I am feeling so light and a ton more energy! I don't feel hungry and I feel very encouraged and inspired to continue! Thank you Jesus!
Today was AMAZING! I seriously am in awe of the change from day 1-3 to day 5 and 6! 

Quick Notes:
* Drinking tons of water in-between juices
* More satisfied today, and gaining strength
* Drinking Juice anytime I feel hungry
* I am feeling more energy and less headaches
* No bowel movement today, but lots of visits to the bathroom.
* Stretching today
* Cottonmouth today near the afternoon; need more water and juice! I got busy and didn't drink as much as I should have. Now I am catching up! :) 

Prayer focus today: 
My hubby and kids
My Dad's health
Health class  
My brother

Motivation Today:
* Prayer and time in God's word
* Focusing on people vs food
* Enjoying fitness and time with fitness friends
* Feeling great and energized 

I am in awe of the way God has designed our bodies! Today was such a great day! My perspective is changing and I am loving it! Amazing how when you feed your body life giving foods, it changes your perspective on life! I felt clear minded, light, energized, and inspired! Thankful for day 6 and all God is teaching me through this fast! 

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