Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 5: Juice Cleanse

It's Day 5! WOW! Can't believe it! I am so excited with each passing day! This is a journey, and I am so enthused for the many insights I am gaining and how God is stretching me. 
This is a quick view of what I had for
Snack: Mean Green
Dinner: Carrots, Kale, Orange, Lemon
SNACK: After dinner I had a Evolution Coconut Pineapple Water that was amazing!

Prayer focus today: 
* My Dad's Pain after the accident
*Wisdom as I prepare for a health class
* God's Peace
* Thankful Prayers

Motivation Today:
* Prayer and time in God's word
* Focusing on people vs food
* Laughing with my kids 
* Spending time with friends
* Playing soccer

Quick Notes:
* Drinking tons of water in-between juices
* More satisfied today, and gaining strength
* Drank double the amount of juice from yesterday
* I am feeling more energy and no headaches today
* No More body Aches
* Soaked in the Bath with essential oils
* No bowl movement today, but lots of visits to the bathroom
* Played 2 soccer games today, and my energy was pretty good; praise Jesus
* I had really bad cottonmouth after playing soccer and still fighting it tonight
*Realizing how so much of what we do is centered around food 
* Realizing that every choice I make to put food into my body effects my mind, body, and can effect my soul
* Finding other activities, conversations, or avenues to spend time on rather then food. I am loving the inspiration and way the Lord is opening my eyes even more to life. 

How I am feeling:
I made dinner for the family tonight, but I drank a big glass of juice while I made it. Although it smelled delicious I was actually not upset or feeling deprived. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to enjoy it, but I was okay with not eating it too! That sounds unreal, but it I truly was satisfied. I believe there is something to be said about the longer you do something healthy and beneficial the better your mind and body get at it. They say it takes two weeks to form a new habit, however, I am realizing that everyday is a day closer and stronger to your goal! That has been my focus! 

Every time I think about wanting to eat, I think about how far I have come in the fast and that I don't want to have to start over or ruin it with one weak moment! Also, I remind myself that every day is a day closer to my goal, and each day that goes by I am able to gain inspiration that I have come this far, so I can keep going! 

And you all know that I pray! In my moments of wanting to quit I pray for God's strength, I pray for others, I pray for anything, and it takes my mind off of me and food and gets me through! This has really helps get me through! 

Today was a great day overall! I felt clear minded, light and energized! Thankful for day 5 and all God is teaching me through this fast! 

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