Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 3: Juice Fast

DAY 3: Today is day three of my juice fast. After last night meeting Joe Cross in person, I feel motivated and blessed to have had the opportunity in the beginning of the juice fast with such inspiration from him and many who have also completed this great adventure for your body!

This morning I woke up and started my day with warm lemon water and some time in God's Word! Nothing like it! Food for your soul is the best food of all!

About a half hour later I drank a small glass of this...
Breakfast: about 4 oz

3 Oranges
3 handfuls Spinach 
1 Zucchini
3 Asparagus 
This gave me one large mason jar full. Aprox 16 oz 

***To be honest it was a little hard to get down this morning. I didn't love the combination but I was able to get it down. I plugged my nose and gulped. Not ideal= I won't make this again!

Lunch: I was at a field trip with my son and grabbed this for lunch: carrots, apples, and cold pressed, no added sugars, pure veggie and fruit juice, no preservatives = food for my bod!:)

Because I was gone longer then expected, I was exhausted and tired when I returned home. I had a quick glass of water, rubbed some essential oils on my head, and laid down for a quick rest with my sweet girl. It was exactly what I needed, even though I wish it was longer! When I woke I was hungry.                    

My afternoon Snack was 3 cups of this JUICE
3 Oranges
5 handfuls Spinach 
1 Zucchini

Dinner: Carrot Zucchini combo from Day 1.

How I'm feeling:
This morning I felt pretty good, but I do have a little bit of a lingering headache. It was hard to sleep last night,  because of body aches, but my energy level is pretty good this morning considering the lack of sleep.

After the day out and about I felt tired.  I am not feeling too hungry, but my body is aching. Today it's my lower back. Yesterday it was my legs.

Tonight we have Marriage group so I will have a big glass of juice for dinner and probably more when I get home. I also need to go shopping because my produce is almost completely gone! Which is fun to think that almost all that I have consumed is God's amazing way of helping my body detox, 
re-boot and crave the "life giving" foods! 

Overall a okay day! I am starting to master the art of getting away from food when I start getting really drawn to it. Each time that happens I spend a few minutes in prayer. That has been KEY for me! It's amazing how when I stop and pray the hunger for food subsides, and I am refocused on how thankful I am for the life God has given me and the ability to choose to fast. I am richly blessed! 

After church I thought I would be so hungry, but I wasn't! 

Quick Facts today:
* Today does feel like a hump day
* Feeling cold even more then normal
* Body isn't aching as much; but it is still achy
* Feeling lighter today
* Know that when I get hungry I need water or more Juice
* Drinking lots of water helps
* Using Peppermint essential oils for my head ache which helps
* Peeing a ton; which I know is good!
* Bowel movement= loose (funny side note: Last night when we heard Joe speak one of the things he said is, "Don't trust a cough while juicing." Everyone cracked up laughing, but your bowels will be loose, especially the 1st day.
*No time to workout today
* Try to go to bed earlier then normal just to help forget about my horrible headache. 

Prayer focus today: 
*My Dad's health and healing from the motorcycle accident
* My Marriage and other marriages in our accountability marriage group
* Direction on teaching for a co-op homeschool group

AND the end of Day 3 is COMPLETE! 

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