Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 2: Juicing

DAY 2:   Today was a little better in the morning! I asked two friends to pray for me and I feel a great difference! It's amazing how when you fast and add the discipline of prayer it makes all the difference!

Meeting Joe was such a great inspiration and experience overall! And I couldn't have asked for at a better time with this being day two of my juice fast. What a HUGE MOTIVATION! He was such a great speaker! Funny, informative, motivating, and personal! I enjoyed learning and hearing all the amazing stories of others in the room who completed a juice fast for health, weight-loss, disease and cleansing!  One of my favorite quotes of the night was, "It's not about the KNOWING…it's about the DOING." I will do a post soon to fill you in on more!
This Morning I started out with warm lemon water, then I grabbed one of these from yesterday! 
So easy and made life a lot less stressful today! 

10 Carrots
2 Zucchini 
1 Orange
1 Lemon
3 handfuls of Mixed Greens
3 handfulls Spinach
= 2 Med. Mason Jars and 1 small Mason Jar and one 16 oz cup

Snack consists of four, 4oz cups of the juice recipes in this post. 

LUNCH: Today was the same as yesterday. It satisfied and was great! 
10 Carrots
2 Zucchini 
2 Orange
3 handfuls of Mixed Greens
= 3 Mason Jars and one 16 oz cup

I had the same as I had for Lunch; it was great, and I added ice to it so it made it even more enjoyable for me tonight.

How I am feeling:
Today was a good day overall, and I felt much better and not short on patience or energy today. I even got a quick workout in although it was only 25 minutes it felt really good and I had a good amount of energy through it! I was busy doing life in taking care of the kids and house the rest of the day and stayed distracted by that. In addition meeting Joe Cross at the end of Day 2 was amazing! 

Quick Notes:
* Drinking tons of water in-between juices
* More satisfied today
* Drank double the about of juice from yesterday
* Slight headache at the end of the night
* My legs started aching real bad, like I done lunges all day, around 8:00pm, When I got home I soaked in the bath with some essential oils and that helped.
* No bowl movement today
* T25 Workout today; was really tired and low on energy

Prayer focus today: 
* Strength, Peace, and self-control in my life
*My Dad's health and healing from the motorcycle accident
* Marriage

Motivation Today:
* Prayer and time in God's word
* Time with a great Friend
* Going to see Joe Cross; Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Today was so much better then yesterday!  But end of day 2 is complete; Thank you Lord!

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