Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 10: Juice Fast

Breakfast: For Breakfast this Morning I had me some Bock Choy
 (sorry I forgot my "c" in the picture :), kale and orange juice! It was yummy. 
Lunch: Carrots, kale, cucumber, spinach.
Snack: same as dinner 
Dinner: Tonight I guzzled some apple, kale, zucchini, lemon, and orange juice which was suprisingly really good! It was a little zesty, but really good! 
Snacks: My snack was Cantaloupe Spinach, and Cucumber
How I am feeling: today I am feeling really good! I cannot believe this is the end of the journey for this juice fast! It's kinda bitter sweet to be honest! I mean I am looking forward to being done, but at the same time I have really LOVED my experience and all the amazing nuggets the Lord has given me through this journey. 

Prayer Focus
Praying for my dad
For our marriage group tonight
For self-control in my actions and attitudes

Knowing that I made it!
Seeing family
Nutrition class this weekend
Time with Jesus today
The friend at Re-Engaged

Closing thoughts:

For me this fast was so revitalizing in so many ways, and I can compare it to revival or a camp type of feeling. In my teen years I went to came each summer with others my age to learn and grow in the Lord. Each summer I looked forward to it for the social, spiritual, and emotional encouragement I would gain, and I always came back changed! 

It was not my thought or focus when I began this fast 10 days ago. My focus was purely health, to detoxify and clean my body. However, the amazing part about knowing Jesus is He NEVER compartmentalizes life! He is in everything, and even in this Juice fast! I am so thankful that what I thought would just be a healthy action for my body ended being a healthy action of whole being! God is so amazing and personal!

Throughout this experience there were days when it reminded me of training for a marathon. You start out doing it for one reason, you train, sometimes question your sanity, but you keep training until you get over those humps, and then all of the sudden you see the finish line and you have a boost of energy and emotion because every hard day and battle of the mind was worth it. Victory! It's a satisfying taste! 

I am in awe of the last 10 days and feel so blessed that I did it; yet, not in my own strength, but in Him! I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me! Philippians 4:13

Thank you to all you who followed along, and to those who prayed for me and encouraged me in the 10 days of growth! If you are interested in a Juice fast I would love to help coach you through one. 
Feel free to contact me at 

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