Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 1: Juice Fast

This is the start, DAY 1, of my Juice Fast. The reason behind my juice fasting is to cleanse, reboot, and refocus my body. This is my second Juice fast after watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Documentary. This time the decision came after thinking and sharing with my husband and a close friend about my desire to do another cleanse that would help my body be rid of toxins and fee free. 

While I was preparing for the cleanse I realized that it wasn't going to be just about my physical body. Going on a all Juice fast is a great way to reboot and refocus your health, but it also is a great way to also refocus your mind and soul ! Fasting is such a powerful tool that really does bring the ability to clean out and refocus the body, mind, and soul!  Initially this cleanse started with a health focus, but you can't just compartmentalize your life! Everything you do effects ALL of you! 

With that said,  during this juice fast I have committed to rise early and read the Bible. I will also pray each time I get hungry, or desire food. My prayers will focus on specific disciplines in my own life including thankfulness and request and needs of other friends and family.  This will not be easy, but I anticipate all the Lord will teach me and how He will bring cleansing for All of me! So if you are following along and wonder what the Prayer focus is; now you know :)! Feel free to pray along!
This morning I woke up and I was instantly hungry. It's crazy how when you know you're going to fast with juice only it becomes a mental battle. This is where I am choosing to ask God for help. I crawled back into bed with my Bible and then headed to the kitchen for a warm cup of lemon water. No, this was not breakfast! Just a way to start detoxing while I prepare breakfast for my 4 children. 

Starting out:
Today I made a batch of Juice for the next 2 or 3 days. Ideally fresh is best, but if you fill a mason jar to the top and keep it sealed tightly you can keep it in the fridge for 3 days.  So this busy mama was preparing today for the next few days. Here is one batch of what I made. I made one more batch as well, see below. Each time I made Juice I always drink a fresh LARGE glass of Juice and then Jar the rest, so this was one batch plus 1 large glass of juice! :) 

10 Carrots
2 Zucchini 
1 Orange
1 Lemon
3 handfuls of Mixed Greens
3 handfulls Spinach
= 2 Med. Mason Jars and 1 small Mason Jar and one 16 oz cup

Snack consists of two 4oz cups of the juice recipes in this post. 

LUNCH: Below is the 2nd batch of Juice made earlier. That way I can rotate and I don't have to drink the same kind all day!  For lunch today I had one from this recipe below, called Zucchini Carrot Combo. It was really good and helped satisfy me. Although I have am struggling with a head ache and craving food! This is not as easy as I want it to be! lol! 
10 Carrots
2 Zucchini 
2 Orange
3 handfuls of Mixed Greens
= 3 Mason Jars and one 16 oz cup

I had the same as I had for Lunch; it was great, but I still have a huge headache 

Quick Notes:
* Tired
* Hungry
* Head Ache; bad one at night
* Bowel Movement today
* I did get a 25 min workout

How I am feeling:
I feel really tired, have a pounding headache, and feel hungry! Today is definitely day 1 because I really want to eat; real food!

Prayer focus today: 
*My Dad's health and healing from the motorcycle accident
* Direction and provision

Motivation Today:
* Prayer from a friend
* Getting to day 2
* Going to see Joe Cross tomorrow; Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Today was really difficult all around but the first day is always rough! Going to bed early!  But end of day 1 is complete; Thank you Lord!

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