Friday, March 7, 2014

Cure the Popcorn Crave!

Today for a snack we had smoothies and multicolored popcorn. They kids got a kick out of the colorful seeds and it was a exciting snack! 

I use a air popcorn popper like this...

As the popcorn starts to fill the bowl, I then sprinkled the mini vegan chocolate chips over-the-top. The air popper continues to pop and fill the remaining bowl covering and hearing the chocolate chips. I let the full bowl sit under the "air" of the popcorn popper for a few minutes while rotating the bowl. Then I turn the popper off and then mix the now melted chocolate with spoons. Super quick and easy!

We have also made this ahead and take it into the movies. The kids love it. You can add a few extra mini chocolate chips just for fun find:). They love it!
Easy, fun, and healthy treat! Hope you enjoy!

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