Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cherry Flax Smoothie

 We were blessed to get out to the park today. The kids got to ride their bikes and it was great to be in the sunshine again! 

While we were there of course the ice cream truck pulled in. The kids all asked for one, but luckily we didn't have enough cash with us. So what do you do when you get home from a mile walk in the sun with four kids? Get out the vita mix and make a fresh cool treat! 

~A Cherry Flax Smoothie to the rescue~
1/2 cup of cherries
2 tables spoons flaxseed meal (aka ground flaxseed)
4 big handfuls of mixed greens
2 oranges
1 Apple
1/4 Banana
3 frozen strawberries (all I had left)
4 frozen mangoes cubes
Top with hemp seeds (not pictured)

It was tangy, packed with plant protein,  nutrients, and satified that ice cream craving, but with a  health benefits.

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