Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thrush: Natural Remedies

After connecting with a former student and discussing the topic of Thrush I wanted to share the Natural remedies that have worked for us.

When our first son Tre got Thrush I was a new Mommy and took the perscription given to me. Nystatin. I tried Nystatin at first, but after no success and discovery that there were side effects to the drug I asked my doctor if he could recommend a more natural approach to dealing with this yeast beast!  He then gave me the Gentian Violet.

*Side Note: This taught me to always ask for the most natural approach even in standard medical care some doctors will give a alternative to satin drugs. 

I did have pretty good results with the Gentian Violet. It's the purple stuff that you have to spread on the babies mouth and mamas nipples. It's effective, but it makes a MESS, and you pretty much have to stay home because of the staining of anything it touches. Yeek! I believe it's  still a better option then Nystatin. 

However...I didn't stop there... I started researching like crazy about natural remedies and found these things to be most effective....

Grape Seed Extract: You can buy this at Whole Foods or a like stores. I added 10 to 20 drops in a small mason jar and kept it on the changing table for up to a week. Each time I would change the baby (which is always a lot:) I would shake the jar, use a Q-tip and swab his mouth, sides of the cheek and tongue, then I would throw that q-tip away and get a new one and dip both ends and swab each of my nipples. Sounds crazy but it really kills it. But it takes about a week or two to start killing the yeast. So Continue the process for about month or until you notice both the white on his tongue and cheek going away and the itching on your nipples. In addition... 

* Vinegar: Use about 1/4 cup of vinegar in each wash you do of all the clothes, towels, and bedding! This will help cut the yeast and keep it from growing! I know it seems like a lot, but it is worth it! I still us vinegar in my laundry because it helped so much! 

Clean Freak: You want to be a little bit of a clean freak when it comes to any cloth in the house that will come in contact with you or the baby.  So, make sure you change your nursing pads, or bra and have a clean one every day! At night try to air out as much as possible (you the mama) :) 

*Diet: I noticed if you can eliminate cows milk and ice cream, and refined sugar it will help it go away faster! I replaced my cow's milk with Almond or Rice milk and it's pretty good! 

*Prayer: Of Course I was bathing it in prayer! Prayer Changes Things! :) I know that the Lord led me to these things as it is my hearts desire to take the more natural approach when possible. Plus, I just wanted to see them feel better and eat better! God is good and led me to these natural remedies and reminded me I can even bring Thrush to Him! :) 

I will be praying that your little precious gets over it fast! Feel free to ask or email any time! You can even text me 408-991-3292 I also post a lot of things like this on my blog(link under my signature)  if you ever want to check it out and this actually has inspired me to post about Thrush on my blog too! Thank you! 

Again, it was so good to here from you! Would love to here where God has taken you and what your up to? 

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