Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rainbow Shine Smoothie

Have you ever put rainbow chard in your smoothie? I just recently added rainbow chard to my juice. Because it was on sale I decided to try it instead of kale. It was great and I couldn't even tell the difference in the taste of the juice. Although I had never thought about adding it to a smoothie until this morning. Well, you definitely should give it a try if you have not! It actually is delicious and great health benefits too! How else are you going to get raw Rainbow chard into your diet?

Rainbow Shine Smoothie
2 leafs rainbow char 
1-2 cups frozen Blueberries 
1 orange
5-7 handfuls Spinach
3 slices of peaches
2 tablespoons Ground flaxseed 
* Water and a splash of Almond milk

It was very good! My suggestion would be to de-stem the Rainbow char and make sure you blend that well. You may want to blend the Char and water or milk by itself before adding the other ingredients. If you don't blend enough it can be stringy or chunky.

Hope you Enjoy!!!

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