Sunday, February 9, 2014

Buying Organic on a Budget

Making the switch to Organic can be intimidating and overwhelming. I know when I first started it seemed impossible with our grocery budget to buy healthy, organic food.
 However, when I discovered the difference in quality and taste I had to make the most effort to make the switch. Just look at the tomatoes above. Can you tell which is organic by looking at it? I know you can taste the difference, but, WOW! You can see the difference too! (Left is organic Right: Conventional)

 So I began taking little steps and asking God for wisdom as I shopped. He provided answers and tips through a variety of people, books, websites, and good old fashion trial and error (experience).  

Here are a few ways I have found it helpful to buy organic on a budget….

1.    Organic on a budget: 
a.    Try to find a local organic co-op or farmers market. sometimes has coupons for local organic co-ops.
b.    Buy in season organic produce or opt for frozen organic if fresh is not available.
c.    Buy in bulk at Costco, Whole Foods, Organic Roots, or Sprouts  
d. Meal Plan: Planning out your meals and buying the ingredients you need for the week will save you from overbuying and wasting food and money.
e. Remind yourself: A $5.00 bag of organic apples is money better spent then a $5.00 bag of chips, a quick pull through the drive thru, or a box of ice cream bars!

2.    Where to Buy Organic
a.    Costco: Believe it or not Costco has a large selection of organic items. Here is a list of a few of the MANY organic options available at Costco, but there are more so go check it out! *Sam’s club does not carry as many organic products as Costco at this point.
                                              i.     Bread
                                            ii.     Flaxseed
                                          iii.     Quinoa
                                           iv.     Coconut oil
                                             v.     Carrots (big and small)
                                           vi.     Spinach
                                         vii.     Kale (sometimes)
                                       viii.     Frozen blueberries
                                           ix.     Frozen green beans and other veggies
                                             x.     Milk
                                           xi.     Eggs
                                         xii.     Blueberries, Raspberries and other fruit seasonally
                                       xiii.     Hummus
                                       xiv.     Peanut butter

                                         xv.     Raisins

What are your tips for shopping organic on a budget? 
Thanks for coming by! 

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