Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Philippines Relief Team

Many of you have asked me how to support, help, or send assistance to the Philippines. I am so humbled by the singer hearts to obey God's call to help those in need! Thank you all for asking! 

My dad has been over there woking first hand with the people and God is doing might works already! 

Although we can't all go, we can all contribute. Sometimes it's a question of where to give... 
Will it really go there? Will it really help? 
Well. I can honestly say I know that giving to U-turn for Christ for the Philippines relief, that the funds go straight to the needs of the people, meeting their need and giving them JESUS! I love knowing that although I can't be there in person, the funds that the Lord is calling me to give are used for not only helping with physical needs (which is of huge importance), but also caring for spiritual needs. Giving food, clothing, shelter, and most importantly Jesus! 
It is amazing to me how the body of Christ can come together to care for each other and those in need from countries apart! Beautiful! Truly Beautiful! Now that's better then any rush of shopping or spending e
Here are some ways to consider giving...
Prayer: please continue to pray for the protection, provision, hope, and salvation of many involved.
Finances: If you wish to give of your money to support the efforts to rebuild, assist, and bring the hope of Jesus to these hurting brothers and sisters please click the link below. 
Go: If you desire to go U-turn for Christ is taking teams over and you can find that information their webpage. 
DONATE and See pictures from this past week click here

Thanks for reading, praying, and considering how you can be His Hands!  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Raw Truth Class

So blessed to be apart of the RAW Truth Classes! These classes are a basic essentials for healthy living. If you are interested in having me at your church, work, or home please contact me at 
I would love to come and share the passion for health with you and those you love. 
This particular class was on Juicing. It was packed with goodness for the mind, body, and soul! Such an amazing time!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rice Pile; Kale Salad

Brown rice and black bean pile with cucumber, cilantro, tomatoes and lime. A kale and pine but salad.