Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pastor Chuck Smith: What a legacy of Joy in Jesus

The joy of The Lord! What a legacy Pastor Church Smith left! 
So thankful for his obedience to follow Christ! He not only was a  great Bible teacher, pastor, and wonderful man of God, but I so respect that He truly made disciples as God calls us to! He didn't everyone to himself! Although his church was big, he raised up and sent out others to plant churches and ministries that would spread the good news of the Lord! My family, mu dad's ministry (U-turn for Christ) and church (Calvary Chapel Romoland) are a few of the many who are discipeling sharing the hope of Jesus because of Pastor Chuck's humble passion to keep it about JESUS and not about the man! I truly respect that!

I was in the sixth grade when I heard him speak at Calvary chapel christian camp about being filled with the joy of the Lord! he used the analagy of a cup. He said, "You need to be reading the Bible and praying to allow Him(the Lord) to not only fill you up.... But to overflow you with His JOY and all that God is so that you can be used and glorify Him." 

Such truth! 

 Pastor Chuck did that! He met with God daily in the word and prayer and he was able to overflow to others! many others! Overflowing with joy and the hope of the Lord is how I will always remember him! 

I will never forget that 6th grade year at camp and the word that God spoke through Pastor Chuck! It changed my life!  

Pastor Chuck gave his life to serve The Lord! He really did fight the good fight and now he is in heaven receiving the prize of JESUS! The one he loved and served and tought others to do the same! 

Many prayers for his family! 

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