Sunday, October 6, 2013

7 experiment

Okay, so I promised to write a little bit more about this amazing Bible study called, quotation mark the seven experiment quotation mark. It has literally been life-changing!

The purpose of the Bible study is too fast from areas are things in our life that we have in excess in order to spend more time focus and prioritize our lives putting Christ first. I love when Hatmaker talks about ridding ourselves of excess in order to make room for Jesus's kingdom to come into our lives personally to transform us and to allow us to be used for him!

It is amazing to me how we fill our lives with so many things that, although may not be bad in of themselves, the excess and the obsession with them are detrimental to our walk with Christ as well as our impact for Him!

This study is about taking Seven areas in our lives that we have in excess and fasting from each of those areas. I love her encouragement in the book to really seek the Lord on how it is he wants you to fast from each category! It has definitely been eye-opening and refreshing all at the same time!

So the first week was on food and we took seven days to fast from some type of food. 

As I began to pray on what the Lord would have made it to I felt like I need to fast from something I kept going to. Have you ever found yourself going to, gravitating towards, or turning to a certain food? For the most part I do try to eat healthy but before the study I had found myself turning to food in a way that I should have been turning to Jesus. Even in healthy eating you can be calm access and allow that to be a god. Healthy eating in and of itself is not a bad thing, but I had found myself in a place where I was thinking about it a lot and then when I failed to eat healthy because of busyness or stress, I would becoming emotional or discouraged. Instead of turning to the Lord I would let the cycle repeat. 

It is by God's sweet spirit and soft grace  He has opened my eyes through this fast to the freedom He desires us to have in all areas of life! So that we may be freed up to hear Him, know Him, serve Him and glorify Him! That is when we are truly satisfied! 

It has been so great to take time to stop and allow the Lord to open my eyes, clean out my heart, and refocus my life on Him! I am looking forward to all He wants to do!

I would encourage you to take a fast from one area in your life where you feel you are turning to that instead of turning to Christ! Do it for a week a month or more pray on it and ask God to do the work! He is so faithful to teach, train, and use!

Many blessings,

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