Saturday, August 3, 2013

Plant Based Day 4

For those who may be just joining in. We are a family of 6 striving to eat as much plant based foods as possible to improve and prolong our health. To treat and care for our bodies so they can function the way the creator designed them to. To be healthy and whole in body and spirit. Therefore to deepen our commitment and desire we decided to do a 28 day challenge

We are doing our second round of the Engine 2 Plant Based 28 day challenge to eat plant based and rid our diet of the following...
*Processed food and sugars
So this is what we had on Day 4
Breakfast: Old Fashion Oatmeal with flaxseed and fruit
Lunch: We decided to eat out so my hubs grabbed my favorite...Thai food. We had. Tom Kha soup (thai coconut milke based soup) with brown rice, mushrooms, and spices
Dinner: Brown rice noodles for meatless spaghetti with green beans and Ezekiel boat squares
Snacks: We have been snacking on fruit, nuts, and popcorn
Night Snack: dark chocolate (one or two squares)
Starting to feel better, but still craving some of the things we don't want to eat. Funny how that works. But making the best choices possible in our effort to eat plant strong for 28 days. 
Everyday is a learning, sprouting, and growing process! Each choice is an opportunity to gain health! 

What choice did you make today that helped you sprout for healthy growth?

Thanks for reading! 
Sprout On~Sprout Up

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