Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hummus. Hummus. Hummus

Hey all! Happy Sunday! Are you ready for your week? 
Wanted to share this Hummus as my latest addition to this week! 

On Sundays I try to do a little prepping for the week. I wanted to share my latest addition to my prepping list. Sheesh! The list keeps getting longer as the Lord teaches me and I learn all the ingredients that are used that are so unhealthy for us. Man! Why can't we just have companies and industries that use pure ingredients? That's a whole blog all to itself. Anyway...

I finally stopped to make my own Hummus. I usually buy mine because honestly with making (from scratch) my own baby food, infant formula, sprouting and soak my beans and legumes and trying to prep each meal (with lots of fresh goodies to cut)

So my sweet friend Ev sent me this recipe from and it's pretty good! Wanted to pass it on to all of you who may be interested in trying to make your own hummus. It's really  pretty easy and extremely cheaper then buying it! Wow! I did alter it a little.

Here are my alterations...
*Added a little extra cumin
*Added a little extra lemon
*Did NOT use sour cream

Have you every tried your own hummus? What do you put in it?

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