Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 5: Plant Based

Today is Day 5 of our plant based challenge. Here is what today looked like. 

This is what it looks like to feed my family of 6 in the am. When I am juicing and cutting fruit breakfast can take a good little minute, but this is am I had juice done and oatmeal going so it went pretty quick. I usually run my coffee pot to get hot water while I am prepping the fruit then I can pour it over the oatmeal and let it sit a minute or so and add the toppings of choice. This morning we added flaxseed, peaches, and a little brown raw sugar on top. One of our kidos likes apple sauce in hers so she had that. We also use honey and agave at times too. 
Our Juice today was:
Today we had veggie sandwich with homemade HUMMUS and grapes. 
Tonight I through together this meal because I had forgot to start sprouting for my Pad Thai, which will have to be in a few days. Anyway, I used some veggie pasta from Trader Joes, with left over speghetti sauce from the other night. This time I sautéd some green bell peppers, mushrooms, and garlic in a little coconut oil to top the pasta with. Then added some snap peas and Hummus. 
Night Snack/For Dessert: (read below the last pic for more)
Okay so we had some jalapeño poppers tonight. Yep. The fried kind. Not exactly plant based, but you know what. I would normally beat myself up over it. I am not going to this time!! Look how healthy I ate all day! It's a process, remember! Yep. It's all good! Remember it's a learning Sprouting, Growing process! I might need to investigate a healthy Jalapeño popper. I have a thing for them! :) Any recipes out there? Please leave a comment if you do have one. 
We also had some...
Energy Balls 
Dried Mangos
With all of this said. I have to share this... It's amazing to me how well we can do and how healthy we can be and yet one slip and we condemn ourselves and at times it's a downward spiral or a excuse to quit. Well, let me just say that it is an attack spiritually as much as physically. satan only wants you to live in guilt and failure. BUT GOD wants and will allow us to life in freedom and success! Remember...
There is therefore NO condemnation for those in Christ Jesus!
Romans 8:1
I remind you as I remind myself. It's okay to have a "treat" every now and again. Even if you are doing a 28 day focused challenge. Just get back on track and don't let it get ya down! 
Focus on the good and refocus on the goal! 
Sprout on~Sprout up

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