Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 24

Day 24... Almost there! WOW! That really went faster then I though! 
Breakfast: Today I only had Juice (Kale, apple, Carrot) I was in a hurry and that is what I had time for! Better then my past of just skipping breakfast! DON'T Do that! It's so important to have breakfast! It gets your brain, metabolism, and body going for the day! 
Lunch: Today we had Veggie sands for lunch. Avocado spread on bottom of the toast, topped with sprouted lentils, tomatoes, and brags amino acid
Dinner: Tonight we had veggi pizza. (We have had this way too much, but it's been crazy so it's better then getting the normal cheese with whatever toppings). It's a growing process and this is growth! 

Learning, Growing, Sprouting! 

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