Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 23

Day 23
Breakfast: Today was whole grain cereal and carrot and kale juice
Lunch: Bean Salad
Dinner: Pinto Bean Tacos
* So today I ate out twice. Once with my sweet friend and once with my sweet hubby.
I was able to get a really good salad at the restaurant that we went to after a museum visit. 
Then for dinner my hubby and I stopped by this restaurant and I was able to get pinto tacos with corn tortillas. When I got home I added some avocados, tomatoes, and hot sauce. 

It was so good to know that I could find some healthy options while still enjoying time to "go out" to eat. It's all apart of changing our habits! 

Instead of ordering something off the menu I asked for a side of pinto beans and a side of corn tortillas. Much cheaper then a meal and I was able to make some delicious tacos. 

I have to remind myself that....
I can Have it... but I don't WANT it. 
Not I can't have it and I want it.
I can have it, but I DON'T want it! 

Yep! Learning, Growing, Sprouting! THat's what life is all about!

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