Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 20, 21, 22,

Sorry all! So busy this last week with school. To be honest we did not stick directly to Plant Based with a few crazy nights we ate out and our choices were very limited. We tried to choose as healthy as we could, but not much plant based was offered. However This is what we did eat and learn...
We had whole grain blueberry pancakes, Juice, and water. 
Salad with Peanut dressing 
While rice soup with avocados and Hot sauce. 

We had veggie tacos one meal
Thai style saldad and wild rice
PBH sandwiches and fruit
Avocado toast
Veggie Sandwich
Celery and PB

If we are in a bind or need to stop for something quick it's more about changing our habits. Instead of driving through why not stop in a grocery store and grab some fruit, hummus, and veggie sticks at least to hold us over until we can get to somewhere that has healthier options. This is my goal. This can be hard when you have 4 kids and the car is one load crazy chaos full ride, but like I said, it's changing habits.

* eating out made us feel HORRIBLE! Our stomachs hurt and we felt awful!
* I don't sleep well when I don't eat well! Weird... but I even have bad dreams when I go from eating healthy and clean to eating something processed or yucky. Crazy how food effects you!
* Don't let a busy schedule ruin your stride!
* Don't get too down about a unhealthy choice, just dust yourself off and try again! :) Really tho! Just start fresh the next time! Don't let it get you in a rut! Keep moving forward! There is much to celebrate in the choices you have made!

So this is what we are working on. Changing our habits! However, stilling success! Look at all the yummy and whole foods we ate! Much victory!!!

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