Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 11

So I am so bad, but today I did not take one picture of our meals. We were on the go at church and the came home had a quick nap and headed to see the movie Planes with the kids.

I will write what we ate today and let you all know that today was by far a crazy day!

Breakfast: fresh carrot juice, goat yogurt, grape nuts and orange

Lunch: bean burritos for the kids and left over chili for me

Snack at the movie: popcorn and water! I know it's not the best, but better then Nachos and a coke. It was the healthiest choice. I also brought Lara bars for the kids and raisins 

Dinner: almond butter and honey sands, apple slices for the kids. I had Mimi pizza with mushrooms galore

Snack: sweet tea and 1/2 bean burrito. Yeek I know sweet tea sugar. Well it's not all terrible! Another day in progress! Just keeping it real! 

Overall it was a plant based day so can't be too hard on myself for a sweet tea:) 

I have been meaning to make my own sweet tea with raw sugar or honey! That will be on my to do list this week!;)

I love fresh juice, but it's not always available. Uh!!! Wish they had drive through juice bars😰 or even a jambs juice! 

Thanks for stoping in today!

What is your go to healthy drink? 

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