Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rice Bowl Soup

So I know it's summer, but this was something I threw together last night for a quick meal using our leftovers. We love what we call "Rice Bowl" and we had that with Tu's Mom and fam while they visited last week. But last night I decided to throw the leftovers into a pot, add some veggi broth and water and top it for soup. It turned out to be quick and yummy! Here's what's in it...

Veggie Broth (about two cups)
Water (two cups) You can use all veggie broth
Black beans
Pinto Beans
Brown rice
Salt and pepper to taste
Lime and cilantro to garnish on top

Add a side of toast if you need some carb to dip! Super easy, quick, and yummy! Sometimes with four little ones I need a quick meal! This will be a go to!

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