Monday, July 22, 2013

Plant Strong Pro's

Back in May after reading the Engine 2 book  I decided that I wanted to try a 28 day plant strong diet. So for 28 days we would eat PLANT based "strong" food and eliminate things that were not Plant based. We used many of the Engine 2 recipes and others I created or found online. Here are the basic guidelines...

Ranch dressing (I thought this would be the worst, but I got over it...I found others I like too)
Processed Sugar

Yep. Seems crazy for an American, huh!? But it really was not too bad, and you will feel great after three days! Stick with it! It's worth it!

It will take a little Planning: This is a pic of a calendar I used to organize and log what we ate.

We also had set aside the month of May to fast from eating out. We wanted to use those funds that we would normally use to eat out to bless someone in need. So all meals were cooked in house for 28 days.  This was a prompting from the Lord even before the 28 day Plant Strong adventure, but God knows best because not eating out sure did make eating plant strong easier.

I can't emphasize how amazing we felt after this! You will not retreat it, and neither will your body, mind, and soul. It really is wonderful how God designed our bodies to be fueled and function.

So after 28 days here are SOME of the pros...
* Lots more Energy
* Healthy Digestion 
* Stomach no longer is cramping after eating
* Kids stopped saying their tummy's hurt after eating
* My baby's thrush went away completely without meds through nursing
* Baby's stomach issues stopped (He is allergic to cows milk)
* Not bloated
* Focused, thinking clear and sharp
* Headaches gone
*Bowels are clear and (well for lack of a better term)smooth.. sorry 
* Helped shed those few pounds I couldn't shake after baby 4
* Loss of inches and weight

There are so many outstanding benefits, both seen and unseen! Choosing a Plant Strong Life Style will free you up to be unchained to low energy, illness, and defeat. There are so many foods we eat that we don't realize are contributing to disease, and eating good, God given give us the tools needed to be free; confident and energized!  To be unchained! Now that's what it's about!

I am so thankful the Lord put this in my life, and I will continue to strive to put more and more plant strong, God given food into my bodies so that I can be the best I can for Him.

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