Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 1: Plant Based

This is day 1 of our 28 day adventure on a Plant Based Diet. We did this back in May and we saw a huge difference in our health. I would say we eat pretty healthy to begin with, but being Plant Based is a whole new meaning of health!  It was amazing how great we felt! We have kept the plant based at home, but when we eat out, which we have been doing a lot due to traveling, we did not stick to the Plant based. We could definitly feel a difference. (see below here for things we notice last time) So we are comeing back to clean out and strive for more PLANT on a more consistant basis! 
By the way... Did you know that Daniel (in the Bible) ate all Veggie diet for 10 days and proved to be stronger and more alert then the men who ate all of the Kings delicacies. Huh! Something to consider! Really though the story is amazing! Check it out... Daniel Chapter 1
So for our first day of Plant Strong...
Day 1:
Breakfast: Whole wheat Cereal and Fruit (kids had gluten free waffles) and fruit
Lunch:Sprouted bagels with hummus and bell peppers with carrots on the side for dipping
So I know it's summer, but this was something I threw together last night for a quick meal using our leftovers. We love what we call "Rice Bowl" and we had that last week, so we needed a new twist. So... last night I decided to throw the leftovers into a pot, add some veggi broth and water and top it for soup. It turned out to be quick and yummy! Here's what's in it...

Veggie Broth (about two cups)
Water (two cups) You can use all veggie broth
Black beans
Pinto Beans
Brown rice
Salt and pepper to taste
Lime and cilantro to garnish on top

Add a side of toast if you need some carb to dip! Super easy, quick, and yummy! Sometimes with four little ones I need a quick meal! This will be a go to for a fast and filling dinner!

So day 1 down and 27 more to go! 
Have you ever done a plant strong diet? Tell me about it! Leave a comment below! 

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