Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sneaky Chef is a Healthy Chef!

Here are my thoughts!
Okay so I have had this book for a few years and just decided after watching a informational video on Netflix called Food inc. (which I totally recommend watching!) that I wanted to try a recipe from Missy's book. Here's my thing...
I enjoy cooking for the most part! I desire that we eat healthy, and I really do love most veggies and fruits, but I want my kids and hubby to also! I try to buy organic when possible, and I try to introduce our kids to different foods including different health and ethnic foods, and for the most part they will try it. But this book to me is not about being sneaky to get my kids to eat; it's about being healthy! This book is full of great ways to add more health to the foods most people are currently making. So if I am going to make a mash potatoes, why not throw in so more veggies through puree if no one even knows the difference in taste so that it is healthier for us all! LOVE this idea! I did try this in a mac n cheese from the Pioneer Woman's site and it was fabulous!
So I opened the book and the first thing I read was about how most Ranch dressings have MSG! My jaw hit the floor! Surley my beloved Hidden Valley that my mom and I have been making for years couldn't contain MSG. I went to the cabinet, grabbed my dressing mix and searched the ingredients! Sure enough it was there! Devastated I wanted to read more.
So I am almost done reading this fabulous book and I am so blessed to have found it! Only wish I would have read it earlier! So check it out! I am going to try a few recipes (including a search for new Ranch) and I will be back to tell you about hoe good and healthy they were! :)
I would love any thoughts or comments on this or any ranch dressings you know of with NO MSG that are yummy! We love ranch!
May the Lord bless you all!